Dec 11, 2001:  Size and Speed of the 130 nm Northwood Pentium 4 

Size and Speed of the 130 nm Northwood Pentium 4

(  by Hans de Vries  )

The online version of Intels IEDM presentation of it's latest 130 nm process technology which reduces the gate length to 60 nm reveals a bit of information on its Northwood processor. The 130 nm version of the Pentium 4.

Page 22 shows some nice die photographs of the 180 nm Willamette core and its 130 nm Northwood cousin. The vertical size seems to scale with a ratio of 0.72 which is exactly the 130/180 ratio we would expect. Northwood's 512 kbyte level 2 cache is clearly visible at the right side, twice as large as Willamette 256 kb L2 cache. The processing cores seem exactly scaled replicas. A little piece of Northwood's die is empty area. The estimated sizes assumed that the scaling on the presentation is correct:


Processor Process Vertical Horizontal Die Size
Willamette 180 nm 15.7 mm 13.8 mm 217 mm2
Northwood 130 nm 11.27 mm 11.27 mm 127 mm2


Page 23 shows the so-called Schmoo-plot that reveals processor speed versus supply voltage. The maximum speed at 1.4V is given as 2.5 GHz.  

An earlier super-cooled Northwood demo demonstrated a clock-speed of 3.5 GHz. This represents a 40% over-clocking ratio which is not unusual.  Intel president and CEO Craig Barrett has promised a 3 GHz version for late 2002 during a two hour webcast last october.